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Innovation in the Shop
November 30, 2015

Innovation is defined as “a new idea, more effective device or process.” At Raybestos Powertrain, we know that innovation also occurs when we find a way to get things
done by using the tools and expertise at hand.

When filming our new 9HP video, we got about halfway through the teardown and discovered that we needed a special tool – to the tune of about $400 – to finish
tearing down that particular transmission.

But, we’re just like you: we would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that
is rarely used. Plus, we don’t have time to wait for a special tool to arrive in the mail.

Time to innovate!

Using bolts and scrap material we had on hand – specifically, pieces of a former wall shelving unit! – we were able to create our own “tool” that did the trick.

Sometimes, we all have to improvise and innovate to get the job done.

(To see the entire 9HP teardown, or any of our other technical videos, go to

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