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DL501 Wet Dual Clutch Key Points of Interest
February 8, 2019


  • Rubber mallet - using a steel hammer will bend clutch drum
  • Pocket screw driver - doesn't create a lot of prying force

Clutch Plate Removal Instructions:

Caution: Do not bend little tabs that stick up through top portion of drum

1. Remove snap ring for K2 Clutch using pocket screwdriver

2. Remove K1 Clutch

3. Remove snap ring for K2 Clutch

4. Remove K2 Clutch

5. Remove top pressure plate

6. Remove top steel plates to see how clutches are placed

• K1 Clutch – ID to OD groove goes in a clockwise direction

• K2 Clutch – ID to OD groove goes in a counterclockwise direction – acts as an oil pump to help lubricate K1 Clutch and cool reaction plates in K1 Clutch

• Note: keep clutches in same orientation, mixing up the order could result in clutch failure

DL501 Wet Dual Clutch Unit - 7-Speed Transmission found in Audis.

Friction Clutch Pack Module: RCP96-302
Qty 5 - K1 (1-3-5-7) Dual Clutch .092/2.34
Qty 6 - K2 (2-4-6, Reverse) Dual Clutch.092/2.34

Steel Clutch Pack Module: STMVW11
Qty 1 - K1 (1-3-5-7) (Bottom) .097/2.46
Qty 4 - K1 (1-3-5-7) (Middle) (Waved) .078/1.98
Qty 1 - K1 (1-3-5-7) (Top) .088/2.24
Qty 5 - K2 (2-4-6, Reverse) (Middle) (Waved) .078/1.98
Qty 2 - K2 (2-4-6, Reverse) (Top And Bottom) .078/1.98

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