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How Install TorqKit for 48RE Front Clutch 2003-UP
January 28, 2019

Part No: RTK-4801


8 pcs SS OD Splined Friction
8 pcs SS ID Splined Friction

1 Thin Apply Rate

1 Stepped Backing Plate

Installation Instructions

Caution: Only install this kit in a 48RE drum.  Do not install in a 3- or 4-clutch drum machined to fit extra frictions.  

1. With piston assembled into drum, install 1 thin apply rate.

2. Install 1 SS OD splined friction plate

3. Install 1 SS ID splined friction plate

4. Continue alternating SS OD splined friction plates and SS ID splined friction plates until all plates are installed, ending up with 1 SS ID splined friction plate as the last plate installed.

5. Install the stepped backing plate, followed by the waved (OE) snap ring.

Clearance should be in the range of .098" - .161"

Recommended input shaft endplay: .020" +- .010" / .508mm +- .254mm




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