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Torque Converter Friction Materials
January 8, 2019

Maximum durability, strength, and performance are consistent throughout the diverse range of all Raybestos Torque Converter Components. Not only are all Raybestos Torque Converter components designed and manufactured to exceed OE specifications, they are engineered with premium materials to exceed customer expectations. Raybestos ® Powertrain is a leading OE and aftermarket supplier of quality torque converter wafers, assemblies, frictions, clutch packs, bearings, hubs, dampers and adhesives.

TechniTorq C9 Friction Material 

TechniTorq C9 outperforms other carbon solutions available today. Our experts designed a resin-saturated carbon material that provides impressive, long-lasting results – four times more durable, 20% higher coefficients of friction and no disappointing drop-off in performance.

TechniTorq C9 delivers top performance that lasts longer, without a drop-off in performance

TechniTorq C9 displays significantly less lining wear than any other carbon materials

TechniTorq F7 (PW) Friction Material

TechniTorq F7 is a groundbreaking fusion of top-quality materials and resins to deliver a smooth, long-lasting driver experience. TechniTorq F7 is nine times more durable than other materials available today and delivers smooth engagements and resists wear, for unmatched performance that lasts.


                                  TechniTorq F7 delivers top performance that improves over time 

TechniTorq F7 last longer, with much less wear than other non-carbon friction materials.

OE Tan (T) Friction Material 

Widely used by the OE market for more than a decade, the Raybestos tan material contains cellulose fibers and a special blend of resins which provide excellent co-efficients of friction.

High Carbon (HC) Friction Material 

Raybestos carbon impregnated friction material can withstand temperatures above and beyond the typical high energy/Kevlar® material. High Carbon is an optimum replacement for PWM controlled systems and a cost sensitive alternative in continuous slip applications.

Kevlar (K)

Kevlar® material handles the added stress of clutch dampening on electronically controlled transmissions that would cause ordinary friction papers to glaze and or burn. Super-tough Kevlar® provides smooth engagements and prevents shuddering during modulated TCC lock-up.

Power Torque (PT)

PowerTorque eliminates premature wear on heavy duty diesel and work trucks, fleet vehicles, high performance passenger cars and racing applications. Introduced for high stress applications, this material has 25% higher friction levels for greater holding capacity and positive lock-up characteristics. It also has a higher temperature capacity, as well as a higher density than conventional tan for increased durability.

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